Thursday, October 28, 2010


I don't remember much, now at the end of the day, but here goes...

I was in ESO's house. I've never been there, but I knew I was in there. I was in some room that was out of the way and off to the side. There were a couple couches, a coffee table, and a whole shitload of paper all over the place. Like, this was the room that held all kinds of files for all kinds of things--legal documents, etc. It was like a teacher's back room.

I sat down near this area where there was a built-in bench sort of thing with a fireplace in it. Like most fireplaces I have seen, it has never been used, so the paper doesn't have to worry about igniting at any point near Christmas. There is a pitcher of iced tea in front of me. I know it belongs to ESO's family, but I help myself to some. Suddenly, I hear someone say, "What are you doing?"

I stand and search for the source, since I don't know where it's coming from, but it sounds like ESO. Hey! There she is! Hiding somewhere underneath this rolled-up carpet... or in it, I'm not sure, but she was sleeping there. I thought she was at school, and the house was empty, but I guess not. D8<

"Hey, what's up?" I say, like I came here everyday and there was no problem with my being here in her house, uninvited. She began to crawl out of the carpet-blanket thing, explaining the whole time that she decided to ditch today. But I realize she's naked, so I'm like, "Put on some clothes, plzkthx."

Suddenly, the door opens and we freak out. Neither of us are supposed to be here, and we find places to hide. I decide to duck and cover underneath the couch--but the couch is a set of reclining chairs, and I worry that her dad will sit on one that I'm underneath and recline in it and hurt me and then I'll scream and my cover is blown. But he never sits down, and I wake up.

I go back to sleep and have an even funkier (if that's a word) dream.

I'm in the Bakugan world, and the Prince Hydron or whoever his name is is there. He takes off the blonde wig he's been wearing this whole time and out flows this wavy black rush of hair. It's all silky and gorgeous-like. He has a little brother, somehow, who has the same-ish hair as him, only cropped shorter, because he's younger. THEN his twin brother appears and tells us all how this "war" started and that he's returned to end it.

So, the "war" is over and we celebrate like drunk monkies. I'm in the mall and I have an unlimited amount of toilet paper rolls at my disposal. I go crazy TP-ing the whole mall, and invite my friends to do so, despite my mother trying to tell me not to.

Then, after the TP-ing, there was something about shoes, and then my mother gave birth and so did my sister. My mom's child--or my new baby sister--is so tiny, like a premie, but for being a newborn, it's super cute. My sister's baby is HUGE. Well, normal for a 7-month old baby, maybe even a rather fat year-old, but HUGE for a newborn. I'm holding my baby sister. She's warm, and kinda wet-ish-feeling.

I wake up and my arm is in the perfect position to hold a newborn baby.