Sunday, August 29, 2010


All the events leading up to this one part, I totally forgot. They may come back to me later, though.

I'm in a park-like place, and my grandpa is there. I don't have a grandpa (well, not one that is a) alive, b) well-known and c) not my step-grandpa), so this is weird. He's with two other men. He wants me to get inside some vehicle so that I can go to "France, Austria" (like the city of france in the country of austria). He also tells me that I'm going to be a model or something there, and says a different city/country combination that is totally not right. I know what he's doing. He's going to kidnap me and sell me as a sex slave, or something. So I run away and try to contact the local policeman, but it seems he's in on it too. All authority is, it seems. So I spy Jay L. running around with some kids, playing with them. Somehow, I know I can trust him to help me.

As he runs past, I shout his name and grab his arm. I am in tears. "Help me, Jay," I tell him. I don't remember telling him much else, but I know he understands that I am in danger and my grandpa and his associates are after me. He turns around and goes for my grandpa and punches him. I do the same to some other guy--strangely, this time, my punches actually feel like they're strong and hitting something. This has never happened before. Usually, when I try to hit something, my punches are sluggish and bounce off of whatever I'm hitting like marshmallows. So I revel in it. 8D

Later in my dream, I am in a house. I am a man at one point, the soon-to-be Doc of the seven Dwarfs. I'm looking for Cinderella. I see her in a room, but she's getting dressed, so I turn away and wait for her to come out. Strangely, it's night--where is she going at night?

I am me again, and I see Cinderella with her friend in a room, sitting on a couch, just lounging. They're dressed in a sort of gothic-type clothing. Cinderella's friend is describing her werewolf bite--apparently she's a werewolf. Cinderella is a vampire.


Friday, August 27, 2010


I had this dream that evolved from Avatar to Coyote Ugly/Harry Potter to a bit of Twilight to randomness.

First, I was with the Na'vi, a human with other humans hanging with the Na'vi, turning into them (like that was what happened after a prolonged amount of time on Pandora with the Na'vi), getting glowing skin and these weird spore things growing from all over the place. I took down a pandorian beast that was blackish but then turned red and purple and looked a bit like Witty Phantom (I only found out his name right now--I have the card, and I described him to Jared, and even HE couldn't remember his name--we both looked through our decks at the time cuz we both thought we had him but we didn't, so we couldn't remember the name. Oh well.) Anyway, he was humanoid and a jackass, but he was like an ally. Like, "You guys shot me down but I have nowhere else to go, so I'll team up with you" ally.

Then it turned some kind of Harry Potterish and for some reason Coyote Ugly in it? I dunno. I just knew that there was Coyote somewhere in there (prolly from a story in english we were reading, which was about a coyote). There was an attack on the school and the fiend guy turned more human and he turned against us and I was like, "You jackass!"

So somehow I got into this car/SUV thing and this guy was driving me somewhere, and he turned into Robert Pattinson with Bella in his lap. Then he threw her out the window (YESSS!!!) but she landed safely and unconsciously into another vehicle. (SHIIIITTTTT!!) Then we drove off down into a neighborhood.

He then turned into some random teenage boy I've never seen before. We parked in front of a huge house and we got out (for some reason I was barefoot, and he had to pick out the spiky/large rocks in the gravel I was walking in) and I was kinda scared where he was taking me, but it turned out he was an orphan living in a foster home and his "brothers and sisters" came out to talk, at least the teen ones. He was like, "I hate my family. It's not even my family. We're not related."

But I told him, "You have a home. They love you." He looked at me and I heard this dull buzzing and I slowly woke up.

Lately, when I wake up, my vision doubles or skews, and I'm wondering if its normal or if it's a problem and abnormal.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I don't remember much. All I remember was the buttocks of some flasher dude.

I remember being in the car and Danielle was there with me and she pointed at some guy in the crosswalk. "THAT'S THE FLASHER DUDE!!!" And I see him, in slow motion, turn to us, grin, turn back around, and flash the cars along the street. All I could see were pale buttcheeks.

Danielle is laughing her ass off and so am I.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm in my house, I think. It's someone's house. It kind of looks like my house but somehow it's both my house and someone else's house.

A principal (a woman principal of MY school) is giving me school stuff and telling me how "new" school supplies work. In kindergarten, you get all the new glues, and pens and pencils and rulers. My memory digs up an image of my kindergarten class with buckets of new school supplies. Shiny, unsoiled, unused. And then she goes on to explain that the older grades get used things, like the ones she was giving me now. I look at these papers and things in my hands and notice tackmarks on the edges. I think I was starting a school and she was helping me out with supplies.

Then, we need to move some stuff around in the room. Some sort of furniture with wheels on the legs. It's not hard but she wants me to roll it with her. Okay, I say. For some reason, I have to take her by the shoulders, like it's a hanger on a pole with wheels. Then she tries making "a move" on me, like she wanted some sort of sexual relation, and I was like, "Uh.. thanks but no... thanks?" I was on my period and this was my heaviest day. No way was I going to get naked and bleed all over the place. On top of that, doing it with a teacher (let alone other women) was just not my thing.

I escaped to another room. Mike was going to pick me up. I needed to put on my shoes. I'm in my room, sitting on my bed, eating a big wad of cooked onion while trying to put on one of my shoes--it proves difficult. >.< A girl I recognise from school comes in--Erika. She has a glum look on her face. "So you don't do that kind of thing," she says.

"No, I don't do that kind of thing." For some reason, I think she was the one who was trying to make a move on me, not that teacher.

She leaves and in comes ESO and a tall creature. The creature is all clothes, a long, tall jacket and stovepipe hat--think Black Mage from Final Fantasy 9, only there's no black body to be seen whatsoever. I see him first--he's a friend, and he follows me wherever I go. You can sort of see some of his eyes in a slit cut at the edge of the cylinder and the brim. They glow yellow.

I offer him some of the onion I'm eating. He declines. Then I offer some to ESO. I don't think she declines or accepts (or maybe I just don't remember) but she says something along the lines of stoic flavors. Then she says that's what the park bench tasted like. Then the clothes creature starts laughing a recognisable laugh--he takes off the hat and it's my brother in law, Jason. His face is red from laughing so hard. Then ESO laughs and I do too.

I wake up and debate getting up and examining the damage done to my underwear. >.< Periods are no bueno.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was in love with a robot named Sonny.

I don't remember much about the dream, but I know he was a humanoid-ish robot that fell in love with me and I fell in love with him and we were engaged. BUT a supercomputer did not like that--after all, she was previously engaged to Sonny. So, she took me away from Sonny in a huge hall.

The hall was like the brain of the supercomputer, and it was huge. it was probably hundreds of meters across and wide, and storeys tall. I was afraid to fall, but not when I was around Sonny, because I knew he would catch me. He was programmed to not let humans die, first off, and secondly, he loved me, so if I fell and died he would be very sad.

There were two bridges that connected one part of the wall of the hall to another wall, and they went out diagonal-ways from the wall Sonny and I were at. I remember Sonny and I each had an earphone bud in our ear, as if that was what bound us to the other, and as the robots took us away, the cord stretched and stretched until the earbud popped out of my ear. I was being dragged backwards by my arms, so I could still see Sonny. I kept telling him I loved him.

Then I was no longer in a hall or metallic brain or any sort of building--I was outside, running on top of a tall skyscraper that looked similar to the Space Needle in Seattle. There were two of them, and there were words of the company that owned them crawling across the sides of the disk-shaped building. I was with a group--it was windy and we were being blown about by superstrong winds, but we were never blown away. As we approached the edge of the building, we waited for the words to pass--they weren't crawling at all. They were speeding along at about the same same speed as a japanese bullet train. Once the words passed, we jumped off the building to land on the next one--then turned around and jumped back on the one we were previously on, except to a platform a little lower. There were vehicles there--they could float through the sky. I don't remember landing. I do remember there being a sunset on the horizon--it was about six o' clock.

Then I was no longer in any city or building setting, but outside in a forest. Everything was autumn-colored. The trees were bright and gold, and the grass was too. It was an unhealthy color for grass, but it was healthy, and it was tall, almost like wheat.

I ran forward. I knew where I was going. I was going to my aunt and uncle's house to see Sonny. Sonny was there and I wanted to see him. It would take about a day to get there, but it seemed like only minutes. I once considered stopping and resting until tomorrow, but I couldn't wait to see Sonny. I could sleep when I got there.

I finally arrived at my aunt and uncle's house. It was not really my aunt and uncle, and not really their house--but in the dream, I knew they were family and this was their house. Relatives were there playing in the front yard. They were happy to see me. I go inside to find Sonny.

I think I found him, but I don't know if I did.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I fell from a pretty tall something and fell on my back. I can vaguely remember the pain of my back slapping the flat floor. I think I may have been falling from a cliff.