Friday, July 30, 2010


I am in an apartment building, or maybe a hotel, in a room. All I can remember/see is one main room and a bed. I'm sitting on it. There's a man here, but he's also not here. His dog is here, too. It's a black dog. I don't know what exactly it is, but one thing is for sure--it's becoming frostbitten. It climbs up onto the bed and I see its skin, through the black fur, turning black. It's turning black quicker than normal, but in my dream it seems slow. I take one of the paws and feel how cold it is. I feel so bad for the dog and take blankets to wrap around it. I try to warms its paws in my hands. I hug and rub him to make him warmer. I look at the man and tell him he's a bad owner for neglecting his dog like that.

Outside of my room, in the real world, my dogs are outside, muddy and wet. Josh won't bring them in because they're too muddy. I think I feel bad for them. Were it not the middle of the summer, I would force him to bring them in, but they're not freezing. Zuzu's going to need a bath, big-time.

I'm in some sort of public place where I am using the internet on a computer to look up something. I think it's pokemon. To girls behind me ask me if I will give/trade them a pokemon yellow. No, of course not. It's not mine, I tell them. "We'll trade you an old lady for it" they say, and giggle. I somehow think this is both amusing and not amusing. Amusing because they think I'm friendly enough to joke with, not amusing because I'm not their little miley cyrus friend and I don't like being joked around with because somehow, I'm serious about trading.

My mother barges into my room, feet stamping. She's obviously annoyed that I didn't wake up early enough so that she could take me with her and my brother to his psychiatrist appointment, so she says something along the lines of, "Oh, Sarah, it's too late now," kisses me good-bye and leaves my room. I can hear them, my mother and brother, clanging stuff around in the kitchen. What are they doing? I take a couple minutes to muster the willpower to get out of bed. I walk out of my room as they are just walking out of the house. I go into the living room to watch Bakugan.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


First, I was in a jet plane going home from someplace. We were landing but the pilot had a hard time landing--for no reason, really. There were no strong winds, he just didn't feel like landing. So, I decided, well, I want out of this plane, so I jumped out and landed on a building roof and then jumped off of the roof onto the ground. It wasn't so bad. Oh crap, I thought, Mom and Mike are still on the plane, and they should know that I got off. So I went back to where the plane offically landed (which was strange, because at one point I was in a building and the tail end of the plane was IN the building, but slid through like a ghost. o.0) and went inside the plane. Mom and Mike didn't even notice. "Don't forget your phone," they told me. I decided not to tell them I had jumped out of the plane cuz I was sick of being in it.

Then I was in this house. Not mine or anyone's I recognised. There was this goth kid there that I had made friends with, but my mother and my friend's mother were all hating on him, like he was evil and dangerous. I was just like, "He talks big, but I'm sure he's pretty much harmless." I assume most goth kids are. xD But then, like he was afraid he'd be found out, he just up and attacked me. My friend's mother called 911 but it didn't work, so I ran out of the house and called 911. I didn't hear a thing. Not even a ring. I could hear the conversation behind me as I began to run across rooftops, ninja-traceuse style.

Goth Kid: "Who is she calling?"

Friend's Mom: "The police."

YOU STUPID BITCH. But oh well. I kept running, hand on my phone pressed against my ear. Still nothing. He ran after me, shouting that I couldn't run across these building roofs because they were chinese and slanted at 45 degree angles. It wasn't exactly hard, but it proved a challenge to climb with only one free hand. Finally, after running and climbing onto rooftop after rooftop, I was finally at the highest building in my dream. I was also right next to the ceiling--only a few inches above my head. I was crouched, so from the rooftop to the ceiling of my dreamworld, I had only about three or so feet. The goth kid was on a rooftop not far away from me and was going to jump--so I had to jump first, all the way down to the chinese slanted roofs. In the phone, I heard no voice, only the musical intro to Kashmir.

I woke up and went into the living room to watch Bakugan.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was on a deep space exploration team. We had to sleep in these little cubes. I crawled into one and felt all-right. I like tight spaces--they make me feel safe. But then the grill on the bottom side of the cube starts to fill with a bubbly kind of water. Half of my nose is submersed in it--I wonder if I should hold my breath, but I will be sleeping for a long time. I can't hold my breath for that long and survive. So I try breathing the water. It's a bit wet, but I can breath air bubbles in this solution.

Suddenly the sleeping cube feels cramped. I can't stretch my legs. I can't sleep like this. I stretch my legs out and wake up. I only glimpse my room arond me and stretch out my legs and revel in the roominess of my bed. The sheets are a bit tight because I retucked everything into my bed yesterday, but that's okay. My legs are free! I go back to sleep and continue to dream about space.

I crawl out of my cube and see that there are other cubes lined up with mine. Other women, older than me, crawl out and complain about their sleeping experience. All too cramped, unable to sleep with the water filling up the cube. I said I just kicked the bottom case out so I didn't have to sleep there. I'll find somewhere else to sleep. "You couldn't have told me this five minutes earlier??" a woman complains. "I was dying of claustrophobia in there!" I shrug. How was I supposed to know how she feels?

Now I am in a bookstore with my brother. I don't know what section we are in, but we find a few books on Kai Hiwatari and his dragon companion. It's more about the dragon than him. One book is about Kai receiving a baby dragon and all the fun he has raising it. The next is about the dragon going through "dragon puberty" and how he constantly lashes out at all the humans because he's going emotionally wacko and "nobody knows how he feels". Another one is a manga with just Kai. My brother and I have fun flipping through the pages, but a lady working there thinks we've spent too much time reading just a few books. Like we're reading a book we haven't bought, and while it's not illegal, she doesn't think it's right.

She warns us that we only have a limited amount of time, or something like that. Like we should leave immediately. I sit there and continue to read. So does Josh. Who is this bitchy lady and who does she think she is? I figure, a few mintues, then we'll leave. But after a few minutes, I forget that she wants us to leave and just sit and continue to read. I find that another book on Kai, sitting upright on a display table, is a paperback with bent pages. I'm angry at the person who did this, because these books should not be treated this way.

Finally, someone different tells us to leave. Somehow he or she has more influence on us, so we do leave. I wish I had money so I could buy those books. One of them, hardly half an inch thick, costs about twenty dollars. I think it's ridiculous but then again, I probably would pay twenty dollars for a story about Kai that was not just Beyblade.

We find my stepdad in a massage chair, all this time snoozing. I wish he could buy the book for me, but ever since I started earning my own money, no longer could I depend on my parents to buy my luxuries. We wake him up and tell him we're no longer allowed here because we "read without paying too much". He gets up and we leave.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I dreamt last night that my father was driving us straight home from his house. Once home, we noticed there was a ton of water and fish and frogs floppin all over the place. It so happened because the night before there was a HUGE flash flood and all these fish like relicanths came to swim in the rivers with these little bright green froggies. SO CUTE.

Anyway, I took pity on this HUGE fish that was dying in the waters receding from the heat, so I picked it up and put it in a tub full of water. It didn't fight, because it knew that I was helping it, and I felt happy that it was smart enough to know the difference.

Then I dreamt that for some reason, I was drinking this disgusting alcohol. It was beer, but not as potent. Kind of tasted like Perrier, but more bitter. I decided, crap, as long as I'm drinking this, I can't stop here. I would have to brush my teeth in order to get the smell out, but I didn't for some reason. I just went to bed and tried to go to sleep, but then a little figure at the foot of my bed started creeping around to the side where I slept. It looked like a muppet, like Kermit the Frog. I don't know why, maybe he was going to tell on my on my mother, so I jumped out of bed and stomped on that little kermit muppet thing. I woke up and freaked out that the puppet creature would be back. I tried to rationalize with myself that it was just a dream and it wasn't real, but I was still afraid for some reason that Kermit the Frog was coming to get me. I went to sleep and forgot all about it.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I can only remember bits and pieces of it.

I was a woman who was a potential rape victim of one of her husband/boyfriend's friends. I tried to shut my door on him as I entered the house, but somehow he had gotten ahold of my key. I just sat there and tried to keep locking the door on him. Finally I gave up but he didn't come in...

Then I was in a mall-type place where I was scheduled to fight my potential rapist. I was in this weird white cage, wearing a kickboxer's armor and boxer's gloves. The rapist guy, not at all intent on raping me anymore, stared at me from the top of the cage. I don't know why. He was probably just being weird. But the people in charge of the fight/place told him to get off, because he wasn't allowed on it or to even see me before the fight...

Now I am no longer a woman but my teenage self. I am in the glass box where a competition of some sort is supposed to go on. I am not on a team but the people opposing me are. There is about three or four of them--one I recognise as Odd Della Robbia from Code Lyoko. The referee tells us to get ready because the case is going to fill up with water. I say, "Can't it wait? I have to get this baby out of this case first!" But it's out of his hands, and he can't help me. So I look back at the little baby black boy, just chilling on the ground, with some sort of weird tube apparatus poking out of his mouth.

The glass bowl fills up. The baby boy doesn't have long to live. I don't remember the point of the competition, but it has to deal with us grabbing these huge harpoons. Odd and I fight for the harpoon. Eventually I grab it and take it to the glass door. With one strong heave, I spear the center of the door and pull it back towards me. The water leaks out of the door and then completely busts it. I take the baby, pull the tube out of his mouth, and he coughs up water. I turn him over on his stomach so that he can continue to expel water. Along with water, vomit comes out of his mouth. It makes me want to puke.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I must have really wanted to see Inception last night because that was what I dreamed about.

---------- ---------- ----------

There was a girl in some government facility. She was waiting for something, I don't know what. She seemed like a normal girl. Her clothes were contemporary, her hair styled naturally and not dyed any funky colors.

There came another girl, out from somewhere in the government facility. She was running away. She was being chased. The previous girl caught the new one by her hair--her hair was dyed orangeish with slight pink undertones. It was soft and flattened, so it stuck up in little spikes in the previous girl's hands. I think she also had a german shepherd with her.

"I've got her," the previous girl said.

The new girl made the other girl let go of her hair and ran away again, this time going through a glass door to an outdoor strip mall. The other girl began to chase her.

Outside, the naturally-styled girl looked up and saw the new girl standing on an escalator on her way up to the second floor. Then she looked to her left and who else was there than but the new girl. She did a double-take, almost walked off as if she hadn't seen anything, but then turned around and asked, "How did you do that?"

The new girl just smiled and jumped off of the planter edge she was sitting on. At this point I could really see her outfit. She had some sort of short skirt on, I'm not sure which color. Her top was a pink spaghetti strap, and you could see her black bra straps chilling alongside her shirt straps. She almost looked like Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. She walked with a swag that only some girl pretty enough as her could walk, like she owned the place.

Well, it was her dream, after all.

But she wasn't stingy. She let the previous girl (and myself, now inserted into the dream) have our way with the dream world and its laws that could be bent and broken.

On the second floor, I spied a long stairway with rails sticking out of the middle of the concrete. Railgrind time! The kairi-looking girl slid on it first, only getting about fifteen feet of grind. I slid on it after her and could do only a little bit more before losing my balance and bailing. But when I hit the steps, I didn't trip and fall. Instead, my feet just slid down, all the way to the bottom where a concrete wall stopped a planter from overflowing into some more mall area. I slid off the edge and in slow motion caught the edge of the planter, turned around to face the stairway I came from and hauled myself up.

Some boys noticed what we were doing and thought we were cool. The leader especially liked the kairi girl. Why not? She was pretty and dressed cute (as well as a bit skanky). We hung out at the planter where I ended my wipeout and chilled there.

I woke up and thought, "NOOOOOO! MOAR RAIL GRINDING PLZZ."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I don't remember most of it, but I am a pochahontas-like person. Meaning that I am Native American. Like eastern Native American, not western like Hopi or Navajo (and yes, I know that they are nothing alike and they hate each other with a passion). I was with another person of my kind, some young man who was my friend and maybe also my lover? I wasn't sure. I knew him, though, and that's as specific and our relationship went. So for some reason, we had munaqsri powers, like to give and take life away. But I could float. He couldn't. He must have pissed off some sort of munaqsri god so that he couldn't float anymore.

So... we went places with each other and did stuff I forgot. He put arrows in his long black hair as decoration. o.0 Like the arrowheads on his hair would give him good luck in terms of me liking him more as a lover or something. Then we were watching some dragony wind god do something odd, and he was in trouble. My Native American friend/person I knew/lover did/said something I didn't like so I started to scream foul names at him in our native language--not english. As I'm screaming at him, I'm floating upwards so that I can go help the dragon wind god and he can't because he can't float. I use some weird tall black blocks to help me float upward faster by pushing off them.

I get to the top of the blocks where the dragon wind god lives (which feels like I floated up forty something blocks but really was like a hundred something) and try to help him out. He's a little ceramic Asian Lung dragon, and he's sad because of something, like he doesn't ever move and gets dusty on a shelf. "Well, just move around," I tell him, and pick him up off the shelf and blow the dust off of him. It was like the idea had never occurred to him. He asked me to turn him into a baby or something and I told him I couldn't do that, one because he was still alive and two because I didn't know how I would do that without a baby being born.

I woke to the sound of a jackhammer. Or maybe it wasnt a jackhammer but instead a lawnmower. I don't know. I was too tired to get up and check.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I dreamt a couple days ago that suddenly, my brother's hands started to sparkle. He had gone into fairy puberty. So I decided to take him to the fairy kingdom for help, because I had no idea what was going on. So as I neared the forest, I was met by Tamani. He had dreadlocks. I pointed to my son and said something along the lines of, "He needs help," and Tamani nodded and let us pass.

Then I was no longer helping my brother into the fairy kingdom, but instead hanging out with all these fairies. There was this female fairy, a friend of mine and Tamani's, and Tamani himself. I think we had just eaten dinner. So of course, I was tired. I laid down on this large matress that all the fairies pretty much piled on when they wanted to go to sleep and went into a sleep-like state, although I was fully conscious of where I was and what was going on. The fairy girl sat across from where I was looking (I slept on my side, like I usually do) and Tamani was behind me, brushing my hair with his fingers. He was trying to coax me to come out and join the party that was going on in the other room, but I told him I was too tired. Plus, brushing my hair was really putting me to sleep, so I just closed my eyes. Then, strangely enough, he started to kiss my neck and even climbed on top of me (awkwardly, because I was on my side) but thought better of it and just went back to brushing my hair. After a couple minutes, I got over being tired and stood to join them at the party.

The party was rad. The room was dark and there were water fountains and slides lighted into all colors of the rainbow. I just watched for a little while but then went back to to matress to sleep.

I woke up super early in the morning and walked around like a zombie. The fairies saw me and alerted Tamani that I wasn't really myself. My eyes were magenta-purple, like that was some taboo thing. I went to the door to walk outside and Tamani was there, asking me what was wrong. I just pushed past him and went outside.

It was surprisingly light outside for being early. I walked around this hill where the fairy potal was and spied a bunch of girl scouts with butterfly nets.

"Hey! Whatcha doin?" I asked them.

"We're hunting for fairies!"

Apparently, the fairies were afraid of these girlscouts with butterfly nets. So, I was going to help them out.

"Really? Over here? There aren't any fairies over here. How about you look in the forest and flowers? Fairies are usually around forests and flowers."

I was referring them to butterflies. The scoutmaster chick-lady was really intent on finding fairies (because she knew what they really were) and defied me. But I knew this place better than she did, and I knew fairies, so my advice would be better than hers, the girlscouts concluded.

A man came out of the forest with my brother. "I caught one!"

I looked and didn't panic. "Oh, that's my brother. He's not a fairy."

"But look! His hands are glittering!"

I scowled at them both. "Why are you getting into my glitter? I told you to stay away from it."

He played along and the man let him go.