Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am at school, and I just left my locker. I walked down a couple steps and I saw Danielle there, walking towards me, with someone else--it looks like Sean, or Tate. Some guy with a bulky build. Anyway, I almost walk past her, as if I didn't know her, but I know I know her, so I decide to say Hi. I remember she told me something, but I don't remember what it was. I remember she wore that pseudo-leather jacket of hers that she knows she'll get shit for when she wears it because it looks like leather but she's supposed to be vegitarian.

Josh said he dreamed about her last night, too, which is so fuckin creepy that it goes beyond creepy and enters the realm of weird. I wonder if something happened to her.

The second part, which also might have been the third part, I dunno, but I remember I was with a band, in the street. We were playing songs--I was singing with the lead singer, a chick like Janis Joplin and Sadie from Across the Universe. We played a set of three or four different songs three times in a row, so that people who didn't hear the songs before could hear them when they passed by.

The third part made me feel like I was in Resident Evil--like I was Alice. And I knew Alice. Like I was an Alice clone. But I was myself. It was weird. Anyway, I remember going into this other room to take a shower. But it wasn't a shower room. It was like a classroom, and all my shit was getting water on it, namely my books and my DS, which I freaked out about. But it was OK. And THEN, to make things even weirder, I was in a band, and we were making a music video where all of us was in the shower, and I was like, WTF? Somehow, me and a guy who played the drums wanted our pictures to be in the music video--like the images we drew. I remember I drew a black horse and I was super proud of it. It was very realistic-looking, which is abnormal for me because most of what I draw is either comic-like or abstract.

I didn't feel weird that I was totally naked in front of everyone else. I felt like I was wearing clothes, actually, but I knew I was naked. It was nice.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm a girl who is not me. I have three or so friends who all share a secret--we can morph into animals. It's like animorphs, but it's not animorphs. I think I read a book with these specific characters once--a morphing friend whom I loved who was an alien and when he turned human he was UBER HAAWWWWTTT!! I had two more friends, maybe three at one point. Two more dudes and a gothish chick. Like, she wasn't totally goth, just punk cabaret-ish, if you know what I mean. First, though, I think I was in this sorta urban jungle place, after the style of The Hunger Games which my sister told me about. My mother was the leader of a sect--my friends and I were like her underlings. She called us and banished me for some reason--I think that she was kinda pissed that I put my name in the bowl more than once because I thought we didn't have enough food or something. She was a little psychotic, but somehow we trusted her, like Akito.

Now for the next part. The alien friend and me were like lovers since we were eight or something (and we invented some "UFO" kind of sexual thing, what it was I don't know), and when I met him he was taking the form of a caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland style. D8 But then he turned human and I was liek "SHAT BREAK MEH OFF A PIECADAT!" I remember he was like your typical hot surfer dude, all tan with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, and it was long enough that it could be put into a ponytail, which he wore most of the time.

We were getting out of some formal event I remember, my friends and this alien lover and me. I think I had a daughter at one point, which he mentioned later (Hey, let's just call him Jack for now, since he didn't really have a name). So we piled into a car that was being towed by my friend's RV and drove off hoping that nobody would see us. We were running away for some reason. My mom was there and she told me to call my doctor. "About what?" "Oh, you know, the pads and tampons and things." Right, she wanted me to call my doctor and update him on my period (which I had problems with in the REAL past, I don't know why it came up so suddenly).

I updated my doctor on my stats. Yeah, I was perfectly O-K. I haven't had any super bad cramps..... Oh shat! I just remembered! I missed my period this month and I think I might be preggo! I guess me and Jack are real freaks because I remember thinking that thoughtout all those years I hadn't gotten pregnant (I also wasn't thinking of my "daughter" at this point, I just kind of came up with one at the moment) and I was like, "HOW???"

So my mother gone, my friends and I, In the gothish-chick's RV, discusds where we're going to go. I decide, hey it's time to tell them. "Guys, I have some really important news. Don't worry, it's not bad..." They all look at me expectantly. "I think I may be pregnant."

One of my dude friends just gives me a funny look. "What's pregnant?" I think he's an alien too.

The two predominantly HUMAN friends of mine are shocked--their jacks are dropped and they trade looks from each other to me like, NO WAI RILLY? HOMGHOMGHOMG.

I don't remember what Jack's face was like. I just remember that just before he was saying that he wanted us all to live in separate rooms if we stayed in a Hotel. "A room for Amanda," the gothish chick--replacive name"A room for Joey" another alias cuz I don't remember his name, "and a room for Me and [insert girl's name here] and Liya" apparently my/our daughter. So like the three of us would all stay in one room. Yeah.

I do remember later, it might have been at that moment or a memory, when we gave Jack a bath (my friends and I). Like, he didn't know what a bath was and he was cold and thought it was nicer in the warm water. It was hilarious--when one of us pulled the plug on the drain and the water kept going down he was like, "Guys... guys the water's going down...." and he kept scooching lower to keep his body in the warm water but it wasn't going to work, so finally he's all alone in the tub, kinda cold, and looking down at his genitals all surprised like, "HOW DID THAT GET THAR??"

The dream was supposedly based off of a series whose name had something to do with football and started with a W. It was about five or six letters long and had two other words in the title.

There was also this crazy old lady at one point complaining to us about such a strict no-dog policy that someone wouldn't even let her in with her invisible dog. D8

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am a Pokemon trainer. I also climb fences and do wallflips. 8D

But I am with Ethan (the HG/SS dude) and we're trying to save Celebi from these three snotty kids. First, I'm thinking, "How in the world is Celebi getting owned by these kids?" and second I'm like, "These jerks used to be my friends! What happened?"

So, we get to save Celebi at some point (I think I have Celebi on my back, in my backpack or something) and we escape. I think my partner Pokemon is Milotic (I do have a Milotic, by the way, her name is Mildred and when she was about level 30 she totally kicked this level 50 grass-type's ass and I love her for it), but then I'm thinking Aipom would be better to have out chilling with me because I'm running around climbing fences.

Suddenly, Pokemon dun exist anymore. Ethan and me and the three snotty kids are all hanging out by this trench and I'm like, "Remember when we were like 12 and we dug up this trench? That was so much fun!" And then we go running around the neighborhood, sneaking into people's backyards n shit.

This neighborhood, while the houses are small, they're really nice. Like modern-victiorian style decorated nice. We end up in Erica's backyard, and we're watching something going on in her living room, like a teaching about how to be "ladies" and "ladylike". I see Danielle there in some weird dress and I can tell she absolutely hates it. We giggle at how stupid the lady teaching them looks. Bridget and Stef are there too. They see us through the window and tell us something like, "Oh yeah, Danielle's hating this." But it's not like she has to be there. Or does she? I don't know. We try to sneak out through Erica's window (which faces the front of the house) and I hope we don't get caught. I run quite a ways away, and ask the last person, "Did you close the window?"


So I go and do it myself. As I finish up, someone (I think who's blonde but not Erica) comes out of the house to try and identify us. I run away and we all go hide in this awesome place.

It's like a forest, but where there is just one HUGE tree. I mean, this this is freakin' COLOSSAL. The roots extend and crawl over the ground and the tree boughs, while they're really tall, cover a HUGE area. The roots come up a hill all steep-like so that we have to scoot all the way down to the base of the tree. There are some weird ladder-things there that are chained to nails in the roots, but I know that they're not made for supporting people climbing up or down--so I instruct everyone to be careful as they're climbing.

We don't get down all the way. I wake up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I don't really remember much.

I'm in a hospital, and I'm ready to give birth. I'm scared, because I don't want the epideral but I don't want to feel a ton of pain. Ask anyone who knows me--they know I hate needles, and more than needles I hate pain. But the epideral is painful also.

But I get to wait a while. I'm sitting there, on this delivery chair, but the room is all glass walls on the first floor. If drivers want to, they can just lean over and see my vag all ready for baby-delivering. D8< So I talk to the doc about it, and he tells me that I can be moved to a better room.

I'm in the better room--about ten or twenty storeys up with only one window. Much better.

The place kinda looks like Good Samaritan. Prolly cuz that's the only hospital I've ever been to.

I start bleeding all over the chair, but nobody seems to notice. Is this normal? I get up and walk around, and I think I tried to tell my mother or something that I'm bleeding and I don't think I'm going to have the baby. Like, I was never preggo this whole time. I don't remember having a belly or anything, so maybe that's why.

I think Orphan was invading my brain at that point.

I never did give birth. WHORE-AY!