Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The night before, I dreamt that my hermit crab, Julio, was gigantic. For a hermit crab, that is. He was about ten or so inches across , as far as the shell goes. Josh dropped him and the shell split in half. I saw Julio lying still and thought it was dead, so I began to cry. I poked him to make sure if it was dead. He began to crawl around, so I felt better. But I had to find a new shell for him. I didn't know of any shells that I had that would fit him.

Somehow, I did find a big enough shell, and Son was showing Julio a new, bigger cage for him to crawl around him. I almost swore I could see a little heart floating over his head.

We were at the pet store, and along with the bigger glass cage, Son got a tall and thin cage made of glass. Apparently, it was made for birds. Who puts birds in a glass cage, I wondered? Then I saw the cutest little brown owls any eye ever did see. They were so tiny, they could fit inside of a coffee mug or teacup. I held one in my hand, and it just chilled, looking around with it's big gold eyes. Apparently, it enjoyed being called a predator. It was a predator, after all.

Last night, I dreamt of many things, but most of all, I saw a pair of snakes in equal size and color. They were anacondas. One snake ate the other, and I felt bad for the snake being eaten. Inside the other one, it thrashed about, trying to live, suffocating and being digested at the same time. It was sad.

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