Friday, December 17, 2010


I was a superhero dude. I had a green outfit. I was at the prom with my chick, when these huge bad guys attacked us. Somehow, the meat of a ravioli spoke to me. Some lady was in trouble. I told the chick this and she was liek, "Whut?" "You know how you make ravioli for your family?" "Yeah?" "This ravioli spoke to me, and it wasn't for family." As if that was enough reason for me to go save some lady.

I go to the place on a tiny scooter. I can choose between a go-kart-like thing, a sweet motorcycle, and this scooter that's hardly big enough for me to fit on, but I choose the scooter because it's small enough and makes tight turns like no other. Suddenly, I come to the awesome realization: I can choose a hovercycle as well. If you've ever seen Generator Rex, you'll know what I'm talking about. So my legs turn into the hovercycle thing and I wind through this path like I've done it before. I have gone through these tight turns and narrow doorways before. I can't touch the chain-link fences or metal poles, because they'll make noise and I'll be ambushed.

I never make it to that lady.

In another dream, Mario is Link. Link is Mario. Link has a broken Master Sword, and Mario lost his parents in a haunted house. Mushrooms are everywhere, and a ghost floats in a room that Mario must go into. Mario is a worse coward than his brother. He goes into a downstair room, looking for his parents, who are upstairs and each enter different rooms. Mario must go through the game searching for his lost parents.

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