Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm in a store/cathedral-like place. I dunno. There are chairs like pews and windows like a mall store. There are zombies everywhere. I'm not sure if they're Left 4 Dead zombies or Resident Evil zombies or a new breed of zombie that is both fast, strong, diverse, and turns you into a zomb if you get bitten. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm in this place battling zombies with my mother, step-father and brother. Suddenly, I'm bitten buy an asian zombie. I kill him, but I still turn into one myself. But, instead of totally losing control and crying, "BRAINS BRRAAAIIINNSSSS!" I am still humanly sane. I look over and see a seriously fat zombie guy. He thinks I'm a zombie sister, so he invites me to kill my family with him. Somehow, he's blood-thirsty and sane. Okay. I'm not sure exactly what he's doing, but he extends his hand to me as if I were to take it. I do. We semi-tango over to my family. Right before we get to them, I shove him away. But wait! That wasn't part of the script!

I'm in a movie. The fat guy looks at me as if I'm retarded. The scene has been cut so that I can look over the script. Apparently, I shove him in a different direction. We don't try again. Instead, I see myself in newsreels, like E! news and stuff. I'm going to be in the new zombie movie. Somehow, I'm prettier. I have shorter hair. I almost look like Taylor Swift.

I wake up, stretch and turn around. My leg cramps up and I writhe in pain. FFFFFFFFFFF.

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  1. :FFFFF

    I like to think of that sign as dripping blood, or fangs :D

    If I were to dream about zombies I would definitely be attacking them or running from them---we would definitely not be friends, not after I went to that haunted house a Halloween or two ago